Sample of Query Letter

November 17, 2008


Dear                         :



The Hlabisa District community (located in rural, north-east Kwa Zulu Natal) recognises Vusimpilo as a volunteer-based organisation that (a) promotes HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, (b) provides support and counsel to PWA’s living in the Hlabisa District and their families, (c) monitors and aids AIDS-related orphans, (d) provides and trains community members in home-based care and support, and (e) as an information resource center and technical assistance service for local community-initiated development projects (i.e., creche and pre-schools, income-generating projects, bursary information, fundraising counsel, etc.)


Vusimpilo is currently seeking to assist 25 established and operating creches in the Hlabisa District (which has a population of 250,000.)  These 25 creches have all been thoroughly assessed and registered with our organisation but are at varying levels of development and needs.  Some creches are over-populated and need extra classroom space, some needed additional teacher training or additional teachers, some need toilets or water, some need to set up nutritional food schemes, some need additional early childhood development educational materials, etc. 


If any of these needs concur with the vision of  Name of Organisation, please send us via post or preferably, e-mail your detailed guidelines as to when and how to submit a proposal.


Thank you for all your time and consideration.









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