Sources and Uses of Gifts in Kind

November 21, 2008

What is a Gift in Kind?

Gifts in Kind are donations of products (material goods) or professional services from individuals and businesses.  Gifts in Kind can range from legal counsel to laptops; from office furniture to plane tickets; from catering to meeting space—from a gift certificate to a fancy day spa to concert tickets.  The possibilities are endless.

Who and How?

Gifts in Kind can be procured through the following means:

1.      Direct solicitation for Gifts in Kind (i.e., Ask Dell for 30 brand new laptops; ask United Airlines for 20 plane tickets, etc.)

2.      Solicit members/donors for donations of things or services (in lieu of cash donations) to be auctioned or raffled at fundraising events.

3.      Or through one of many agencies that specialize in collecting gifts in kind:

The Alliance For Nonprofit Development Serving limited areas of California, the Alliance’s Wish List Program maintains a centralized database that matches wishes of local nonprofits with in-kind donations available from local businesses. The AFND, a registered nonprofit organization, works in collaboration with BARC, a computer refurbishment program for nonprofits.

Excess Access The Excess Access system matches business and household donations with the wish lists of nonprofits that can provide pick-ups or accept drop-offs. A registration fee is required.

Freecycle Conceived in Tucson, Arizona as a way for community members to keep excess waste out of landfills, Freecycle has grown into an international, web-based network that lets individuals and nonprofits “recycle” unwanted but useful items they would otherwise throw away.

Gifts In Kind International Driven by its mission of providing an effective conduit for the donation of products, goods, and services from the private sector to the charitable sector, Gifts In Kind International is a recognized leader in the field of product philanthropy and is a registered nonprofit organization.

Goodwill Gallery Goodwill Gallery gives businesses and members of the public alike the opportunity to offer free goods, services, or time to help British charities that visit the Charity Choice website.

InKindEx InKindEx facilitates the donation of excess inventory to nonprofit organizations by offering corporations an integrated donation strategy that answers financial, environmental, and corporate citizenship concerns while unclogging warehouses. Registration and transaction fees are required.

NY Wa$teMatch This service allows nonprofit organizations and schools in New York City to post requests for materials and supplies, while businesses and other organizations get information about where to donate goods and equipment they no longer need, earning tax deductions in the process. NY Wa$teMatch is a program of the Industrial & Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC), a registered nonprofit organization.

Craig’s List  (any city) “Free” link under the “For Sale” section.  (any city) The UK/AUS/NZ version of Craig’s List “Freebie” section.

TechSoup : Donated and discounted technology products for nonprofits and public libraries. Choose from over 340 products from companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Symantec.


1.      Most small businesses and lower-income donors prefer to give gifts in kind to cash donations. 

2.      Big and Small Business have a venue to show off their products—which means their PR (and usually it is a way for Big Business to “get rid” of an overstocked product and get a tax write off for it!)

  1. Can also be used to auction or raffle for more funds (think small and large fundraising events)
  2. Can be used for volunteer, donor or member incentives
  3. Cuts costs of buying new equipment, supplies, transportation costs, etc.



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