Media Release Issued by Australian AIDS Fund:Indonesia Proposes to Put Microchips in People Living with HIV/AIDS

November 24, 2008

One step forward, 25 years back? 

Media Release Issued by Australian AIDS Fund:

The President of the Melbourne-based AIDS charity, The Australian AIDS Fund, Brian Haill, today strongly condemned the Indonesian government in regard to plans to microchip Papuans with HIV deemed to be “aggressive” and described as “actively seeking sexual intercourse”

Commenting on a report in The Jakarta Post today (22/11/08) “ which can be found below – Mr Haill endorsed the protests of Papuans and Papuan NGO’s who’ve claimed that microchipping will reduce the status of infected Papuans to that of animals in much the same way. Mr Haill said, that dogs are tagged for registration purposes”. It was, he said “a gross violation of human rights” that would appall all Australians and “surely, all Indonesians as well.”

Mr Haill said that the news, coming as it did little more than a week out from the global observance of World AIDS Day (December 1) would send out a dreadful message to the world, demolishing all the efforts that have been made to stifle stigma and discrimination which are turbo-charging the spread of the HIV virus.

He called on Australia’s Foreign Minister, Mr Smith, to make urgent representations to Jakarta to have the plans overturned.

The newspaper report to which the above comment is directed:

Papuans with HIV/AIDS to get microchips
Angel Flassy (22/11/2008)

PAPUA (The Jakarta Post) – Amid protests from Papuans and NGOs, the Papua provincial legislative council is set to pass a bylaw on HIV/AIDS that includes a controversial article requiring certain people living with the disease to be implanted with a microchip.

For full article: Online at: http://www.thejakar news/2008/ 11/22/papuans- with-hivaids- get-microchips. html

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