AIDS – Awareness Game (Specifically for Teenage Girls)

November 26, 2008

AIDS – Awareness Game


This game is designed to be played by a group of young people, led by a facilitator, with the goal of understanding the challenges of preventing teenage girls from suffering HIV infection, pregnancy, family breakdown, or other adolescent risks. Players take charge of the risks and results of the behaviour of a fictional girl, while facilitators support the participants in the final goals of:

• having good information about HIV/AIDS transmission; and
• having a chance to discuss attitudes and choices with each other.

Preparation for the game requires, in addition to the instructions:

• one die;
• 4 small objects, e.g. stones with dots of different colours – one to represent each team;
• the Message about risky sex (page 3) printed out;
• the 4 Girl Cards (page 4) – printed and cut out;
• the 4 Risk Day Lists (pages 5 to 8) printed out;
• the Good Day Cards (page 9) – printed twice and cut out, so there are two copies of each card;
• The gameboard (page 10) printed out.

The instructions also provide internet links to informational resources including statistics, such as the percent of HIV-positive young women attending antenatal clinics, who are HIV positive; male circumcision information on possible infection reduction; and percent of adolescents in Africa who have had at least one abortion.



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