Clever Fundraising Idea: Paint Dance; Da Vinci Meets Disco

December 2, 2008

Introducing Paint Dance: Da Vinci Meets Disco


Imagine painting and dancing at the same time!  Insane?  Or insanely fun?   And what if I told you that your paint dancing also benefits local food banks?  Matt Jones (, an expressionist painter and hunger awareness activist, specifically created Paint Dancing to help support local food banks; his first studio was in Seattle.  Now, a few years later, there are Paint Dancing studios in most west coast cities (LA, San Francisco, San Diego, etc.), as well as Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Vancouver, Toronto, Denver, Palm Beach, Ft, Lauderdale, and some international locations.

All you need is some “paint clothes” (clothes you won’t mind getting splattered!) and ready to dance!  Music ranges from world beats to Latin, from jazz to classic rock– hip-hop and country (whatever you feel like!)  No dance or paint experience required!  All ages welcome!

They will give you access to non-toxic paints, brushes and plenty of paper.  Afterwards, you can take your masterpieces home with you!   And just in case, there is not a Paint Dancing Studio near you, if you visit the website, they tell you how you can organize your own local Paint Dancing event:









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