Nonprofits: Your prospects or donors are in social networks now – You need to be there

December 8, 2008

I have been saying this for 3 years…here is a recent article in support of my theory that e-philanthropy is the present, as well as the future of fundraising.

Kelly N Patterson

Your prospects or donors are in social networks now – You need to be there
by B.L. Ochman, President of,
“You can’t wait any longer to test the waters in social media marketing,” says B.L. Ochman, President of, and one of the world’s most influential business bloggers and social media marketing consultants. “Your competitors are already there, or are planning to be, and your customers and/or contributors have already been there for quite a while.”

“Consumers aren’t only part of your revenue stream; they’re now part of the marketing landscape,” continued Ochman. “Social media provides the tools and the opportunities for building a social bond with customers and prospects.

“Social media marketing is not advertising, and it is not direct marketing. But its impact is measurable and it can impact the bottom line. By telling customers or supporters what they want to know about your organization, in an open and transparent way, social media marketing aims to create community, trust, buyers and/or contributors.

“Social media refers to marketing that engages customers in interactive conversation with a company or organization, using tools including blogs, blog advertising, RSS, video, photo and content sharing sites, social bookmarking, podcasting, social networks, tagging, and peer-to-peer communities sponsored or created by companies and organizations that want to get to know their customers better, to serve them better.

“Properly executed, a social media marketing campaign can produce better results than traditional methods of reaching customers and/or donors. You need to have realistic expectations, and know that conversational marketing produces results over time. It is not a quick fix or a magic bullet. Instead, social media must be integrated into the overall marketing plan for the long haul. And over time, you can build traffic, sales and your customer/donor base with these new tools.

“Socially responsible marketing is an absolutely critical way to distinguish your products and services from the knock-offs, the imitators, the pretenders, and to make people feel that they have to buy or belong to the originalthe genuine item. Charities and non-profit organizations can gain supporters through the use of social networking and the creation of community in their marketing. This type of marketing requires you to be an active participant in a network, and to engage in open and honest communication.”

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