Freecycle: How to furnish your office for free!

December 11, 2008

As part-time fundraiser for ( a nonprofit), it was my job to fully furnish not just the new head office In Berkeley, but also the living quarters for 12 full-time volunteer staff–and with little to no budget!  Luckily, a little birdie introduced me to the Freecycle Network.  Amen!


If you go to the main website:, you will learn that there are almost 5,000 groups across the nation, with over 6 million members.  Freecycle is basically a grassroots movement (and totally nonprofit!) in which people give away stuff they no longer need or want to other people in their communities.  The idea is to reduce gross material consumption and reuse things (stop adding to landfills!) by passing our items onto others who want/need them—totally free of charge.


Volunteers manage local groups and membership is free. To sign up, find your community by entering it into the search box on the site or by clicking on “Browse Groups.”  When you sign up for a group, you will get daily digests of people “offering” things and people “wanting” things. 


I completely furnished both our new office and living quarters from Freecycle:  mattresses, dishware, art work, plants, office equipment, kitchen appliances, books, lamps, desks, and then some.

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