Free NPO/NGO Tools/Manuals from Networklearning

December 18, 2008

This is an e-mail from ‘networklearning’


We have a few materials here at networklearning that would be more useful in the field than they are on our desks. There is only one copy of each thing, so “first come, first served”!

A. The OXFAM Gender Training manual (this is a big fat book)

B. Stepping Stones training package on HIV/AIDS (manual plus CD)

C. A set of flannelgraphs. The accompanying leaflets are in French but Health Educators can use the flannelgraphs to illustrate talks in any language. Subjects: Le cycle feminin/Woman & her Cycle – La Femme Enceinte/ Woman & Pregnancy – la developpement du foetus/ the Development of the foetus – Le petit enfant/ the small Child – The three food groups/ les trois groupes alimentaire – Bilharzia/ schistosomiasis – Topics from ‘Donner la vie‘ (‘the Giving of Life’) intestinal worms, diarrhoea, food hygiene etc.

If you think your NGO could make good use of one of these, please email me to say briefly why it would be useful (and please indicate which item A, B or C). If you have a good story, I will pay for the package to be posted out to you free of charge!
Please contact:

Yours sincerely,
Maeve Moynihan
Chairperson/Initiator Stichting Networklearning

One Response to “Free NPO/NGO Tools/Manuals from Networklearning”

  1. Endashaw Says:

    This is really wonderful begining

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