CFED Innovators-in-Residence: Economic Opportunity for Americans

December 23, 2008

Online application due: April 3, 2009. Seeking innovations that expand economic opportunity at scale/create impact for significant numbers of low-and moderate-income Americans.

CFED, a national nonprofit, inaugurated innovation@cfed to accelerate the next generation of strategies to expand economic opportunity for Americans. We believe that building wealth for those without wealth will bring greater social equity, alleviate poverty and lead to a more sustainable economy.  innovation@cfed will harvest new ideas for policy, practice and programs that help Americans build assets and put them on surer financial footing.

We believe it is possible and profitable — within a generation — to provide every American the resources to pursue higher education, start a business, buy a home and save for the future. We’ve been proving this is possible for three decades in communities across the nation. Now is the time to take our ideas — and yours — to the next level. Sign Up today at

Receive a $50,000 stipend and the full support of CFED, sharing our staff, resources, expertise and connections. 

Innovators-in-Residence will be selected from a pool of innovators with good, solid, promising and tested innovations, those who would benefit from support and resources to refine and expand the application of those innovations to reach thousands, if not millions of Americans. Innovators-in-Residence will receive financial and technical support and a virtual or onsite CFED residency to refine and grow their innovations to marketable scale or to advance them through expanded real-world application.

Innovators-in-Residence will receive:

  • $50,000 cash stipend or equivalent
  • Office and meeting space at CFED’s Washington, DC, headquarters
  • Connection to CFED’s technology platform and online resources
  • Support from, and opportunities to collaborate with, CFED’s expertise in areas such as applied research, communications, field development, information technology, policy, resource development and web development
  • Pairing with a CFED staff partner as an in-house concept champion
  • Access to CFED networks, resources and relationships; invitations to CFED events, meetings and trainings.

Step One: Online Application

The application form should be completed and submitted online at

Step Two:  Invitation to Submit More Detailed Proposal

Individuals who submit promising applications will be invited, via e-mail on April 17, 2009, to submit a more detailed proposal and supporting documentation. The deadline for receiving this additional information from invited applicants is May 1, 2009. CFED staff will be available to provide input and guidance to applicants at this stage.

Selection Criteria includes: Could the innovation expand economic opportunity at scale/create impact for significant numbers of low-and moderate-income Americans?

One Response to “CFED Innovators-in-Residence: Economic Opportunity for Americans”

  1. Anne Li Says:

    CFED has already started to receive many interesting and provocative Innovative Ideas, as well as some applications to become Innovator-in-Residence. This is a great opportunity to plug into a community of social innovators working to improve the lives of Americans and to access resources to promote innovation. Simply Signing Up at is the first step toward plugging in.

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