Free webinars for new fundraisers

January 7, 2009

Have you been dreaming of choking the creators of Razor’s Edge?  This could be the antidote!  Free webinar for new fundraisers.

Hosted by the Qbase fundraising consultants, the webinars focus on practical advice to get your fundraising up and running.

Click the dates below to register today!
Qbase webinars are held 2-2:45 PM EST


Making “the Ask”
Find out who, what and how much to ask
    January 15   

Nonprofit eNetworking
Discover a new donor and volunteer base through social networking
   February 5    

  Recession-proof fundraising
Learn how to attract and retain donors during tough economic times
   February 19

To learn how our donor database, Qbase Fundraising Manager, can help you manage your constituents and boost fundraising through online giving and eMarketing, check out or give me a call.

Here’s to boundless success!

Marianne Requarth

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