One Free Website for a US Nonprofit (built on WordPress)

February 4, 2009

Apply now to have a website developed for your nonprofit for free. Open to US 501c3 nonprofits. Application deadline: March 1, 2009.

DevelopDaily presents “Free Website 2009” a competition for one free website for a US nonprofit. Non-profits may apply for a free, high quality, highly search engine optimized website by March 1, 2009. One winner will be selected and notified the following week. What’s better than a free, high quality website?! Possibly some things, BUT a free website is still awesome! Not everyone deserves a free website though. I’d like to offer this service to any non-profit out there. Non-profits offer the world a lot and I’d love to be part of their success. So, if you’re a non-profit apply now.

Who Qualifies for a Free Website? Non-profits. More specifically, US-based organization with 501(c) proof. Oh, and a desperate need for a website!

Why Are You Doing This? I really want to help non-profits, especially in an area that they seem particularly un-helped in — the Internet!

What Do You Mean by FREE? Free. I’ll design and build a high quality website. I’ll even host the site for one year…all at no cost. After one year I will either continue to host the site for a very reasonable fee or hand the site over to the owners. Take a look at my portfolio to see other work I’ve done. What About Support? I will offer free support for one month following the launch of the website. After this time there will be a fee for updates. Technical Stuff The site must be hosted on a Linux server. If you don’t currently have a Linux server (or aren’t hosted on one) then I will host your site for one year for free. The site will be built on WordPress — a powerful Content Management System. Develop Daly, started in 2006, is a freelance web design company started by web designer, Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), and WordPress fanatic Patrick Daly.

2 Responses to “One Free Website for a US Nonprofit (built on WordPress)”

  1. Harold Tanksley Says:

    U.B.More,Inc. was founded during 2004 in ELGIN,TEXAS as a Section 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization and as such,is organized exclusively for a charitable,scientific,literary and educational purpose.This includes performing projects that benefit humanity and society.

  2. Harold Tanksley Says:

    please let me know how long it will be before ubmoreinc will get a website?

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