2010 Grant Competition: Latin America & Caribbean Development Marketplace (en Esapanol tambien)

September 14, 2009

2010 Grant Competition: Latin America & Caribbean Development Marketplace

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Call for proposals July 31st to September 30th. Focus on “Youth Developing Opportunity: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Sustainability”.

Development Marketplace (DM) is a competitive grant program administered by the World Bank and supported by various partners that identifies and funds innovative, early-stage projects with high potential for development impact. Since its inception in 1998, DM has awarded roughly US$40 million to more than 1,000 projects through global, regional and country-level Marketplaces. Using DM funding as a launching pad, many projects go on to scale up or replicate elsewhere, winning prestigious awards for social entrepreneurship.

This year the 2010 Latin America & Caribbean Development Marketplace is focused on Youth Developing Opportunity: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Sustainability.

July 31st to September 30th: Call for Proposals

The call for proposals provided on this website is open to participants from the Latin America and the Caribbean Region. The open, transparent and competitive selection process aims to attract ideas from a range of innovators: civil society groups, private firms, foundations, academia, and government.

There are an estimated 1.5 billion youth worldwide – 50% of them live in developing countries and 60% of them living below the poverty line. An estimated 140 million young people live in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Young people can be a source of growth and development, yet a subset of young people – often referred to as “youth at risk” – are prone to becoming victims or perpetrators of conflict, violence, poverty, and/or exclusion, which in turn threatens the economic, social and political wellbeing of their countries.

Youth entrepreneurship, the theme of this year’s LAC DM, exists in many forms, ranging from productive enterprises, operating in the private sector and focused on profit generation to social entrepreneurs, associated with the activities of Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations (NGO/CSOs). Both have a key role to play in the economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

This competition recognizes innovation across this spectrum, and will reward projects that focus on reducing poverty, enriching lives and generating productive, healthy citizens. A central focus of this competition will therefore be on ideas that have the potential to create employment for young people and bring associated benefits to communities and society at large.

The LAC DM sponsors have identified three themes for this year’s competition. We seek ideas that are youth-led and/or youth-focused in the following areas:

  • The commercialization of locally produced biodiversity and agricultural products without degrading source habitats.
  • Innovative approaches to income generating opportunities for young people living in poor urban areas that are “hot spots” of crime and violence
  • Social and economic initiatives that contribute to the well-being of vulnerable groups

The LAC Development Marketplace 2010 is using a two-step process. Step 1 is to register your organization. The Submission form will then be automatically sent to registered participants who will be required to submit their proposals electronically (by email).

    The Submission Form will be sent to organizations who register under STEP 1. Registered participants can fill out the submission form using the guidelines and the step-by-step guide:


8 Responses to “2010 Grant Competition: Latin America & Caribbean Development Marketplace (en Esapanol tambien)”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I am unable to download the registration form-Would you be able to help me to access it through other means?

    Thank you

  2. Go to http://www.lac-developmentmarketplace.org/ and you will find all the info you need, including the registration form for the application.

  3. Carolina Eguiguren Says:

    I am a young entrepreneur from Ecuador that wants to participate in the fund contest. I am not a memeber of any organization, can I still Participate? If yes, how do I register?

  4. Thanks for writing, you will have to visit
    http://www.lac-developmentmarketplace.org/ and you will find all the info you need–double check their criteria if the competition is open to individuals as well. This link will also lead you to the registration form for the application. If not, you should also look into Skoll Foundation, Ashoka, and Kiva.org. I hope this is helpful.

  5. introduce,my name is Umi. I’m from indonesia,What can I get a grant? I plan to start a business.how? and request an explanation?thank you

    • Dear Umi,

      Thank you for writing me. Before I could answer your question, I would need to know more about the business you intend to create—start with answering who? Who are you—credentials, etc.? What kind of business are you creating? Where exactly in Indonesia? When do you plan to start? Why is your business necessary? How (general operations) and then how much to start-up? With more information, I might be able to direct you to some resources in Indonesia or SW Asia.

      Kelly N Patterson

  6. Nsereko Isa Says:

    I am a researcher in A Business school i9n Uganda East Africa called Makerere University Business School. Are we eligible for the research grants.

    • Dear Nsereko,
      Thank you for writing me. Projects in Uganda do not qualify for this particular grant but there are several grants available for business projects in Africa. Perhaps if you tell me more about the particular project you seek invest or seed monies for, I can direct you to which foundations or companies may be able to assist you. I hope to learn more about your work!

      Kelly N Patterson

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