Women’s Wellbeing and Development Foundation (Costa Rica) seeks donations for Children’s Xmas Party

December 7, 2009

The Women’s Wellbeing and Development Foundation (WWD-F), in Costa Rica, works mainly with women living with HIV/AIDS through the Granos Solidarios and GMAS programs, however, WWD-F also felt the need to help out the children affected by HIV/AIDS. Recognizing that it is important for these children to enjoy their childhood; to play; to laugh; to feel loved and respected. Above all, these marginalized children need to feel that they are not different from any other children, and that they are still an important and valid part of their community.

To assist these children, WWD-F created the Illori Project which organizes educational workshops for children affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as those living in high social risk situations. These workshops awaken the children’s creativity through dance, art and music, offer exercises to improve their flexibility, motor coordination and equilibrium, and use creative visualizations to develop their concentration, attention and memory. An important part of these workshops is to convey to the children different values, like respect, empathy, generosity, etc.

These workshops take place monthly, with an average attendance of 50 to 70 children at each workshop. The workshops have become so popular that WWD-F not able to accommodate all the children who want to participate. This Christmas, WWD-F wants to hold a Christmas Party, complete with gifts for each child, on the 22nd of December at the Parque del Este, in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Therefore, they are currently seeking gifts-in-kind donations as well as financial support to cover the costs of the party, food and gifts. Just know that is will be the ONLY gift these kids receive this holiday season.

Donations can be made through their website, http://www.wwd-f.org, or alternatively you can send a check (if you reside in the USA) to:

22 Ravenscroft Drive
Asheville, North Carolina 28801
Tel: (506) 241-3736

If you reside in Costa Rica, WWD-F’s bank details and address are as follows:

Name: WWD-F
Name of Bank: Bac San Jose, Costa Rica
Account Number: 906417993 (American and Foreign Currency)
Account Number: 906418017
Urbanización Montelimar, del costado oeste de los Tribunales 500 m norte y 100 m este, frente a Radio Sonido Latino, casa color papaya. Calle Blancos, Goicoechea, San José.
Tel: 2241 3736
Apartado postal Nº 1323, Correo de Guadalupe, San José

For all other countries, please donate through their website: http://www.wwd-f.org.
And please add “Costa Rica” to all donations. If at all possible, please send an email to sonia@wwd-f.org advising her of your donation so she can send you a photo of the party.

Any questions? Contact Sonia Torres at sonia@wwd-f.org


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