Chase, the U.S. consumer and commercial banking business of JPMorgan Chase & Co., has announced the launch of its Chase Community Giving Summer 2010 program on Facebook. The program will award a total of more than $5 million to be shared among two hundred charities.

Chase Community Giving is a program that allows users to vote online for the local charities that matter most to them. By participating, users will help Chase direct corporate philanthropy dollars to eligible small and local organizations working in the focus areas of primary and secondary education, youth development, healthcare, housing, community development, the environment, combating hunger, arts and culture, human services, and animal welfare.

The first Chase Community Giving program, held earlier this year, was the most popular corporate philanthropy crowdsourcing campaign of its type. More than two million Facebook users became fans of the program and helped decide which of the more than 500,000 charities that participated should receive a share of $5 million. More than a hundred winners from thirty-one states were selected.

For the summer 2010 program, the number of charities eligible to receive awards has doubled and several new tools have been introduced. Charities will be able to edit their charity profiles and add meaningful media to help tell their stories in the form of videos and photos. In addition, badges, which users earn to indicate their commitment to their community, have been introduced. And a Gift Vote feature that lets users earn the right to give additional votes to a friend has been added.

To underscore the program’s focus on small and local organizations, 501(c)(3) public nonprofits with operating expenses of $1 million or less are eligible to receive funding. The top vote-receiving charities meeting the eligibility and other requirements of the program rules will receive the top grants. The eligible charity with the most votes will receive $250,000; the top four runners-up will receive $100,000 each; and the remaining eligible charities in the top two hundred will each receive $20,000. There will be one round of voting. Voting begins June 15 and ends July 12, 2010.

For more information and program requirements:


A program of Civic Ventures, the Purpose Prize annually provides five awards of $100,000 to people over the age of 60 who are working to address society’s biggest challenges.

To be eligible for the prize, a nominee must be at least 60 years old by the deadline of March 10, 2011,and be a legal resident of the United States (including U.S. territories). Nominees should have initiated important innovations, in a new or ongoing organization, in an encore career. “Encore careers” are those that combine personal meaning and social impact with continued work in the second half of life. Nominees must currently be working in a leadership capacity in an organization or institution (public, private, nonprofit, or for-profit) to address a major social problem in the United States or abroad. Nominees should have demonstrated recent creativity and leadership, with the promise of more to come.

Elected officials are not eligible for the prize. Individuals working in faith-based service organizations that have a broader social mission are eligible and encouraged to apply, but the purpose of their project cannot be strictly religious or sectarian.

Nominations are welcome from any organization or individual with knowledge of a potential candidate. Self-nominations are also accepted.

Visit the Purpose Prize Web site for complete program guidelines.

Ashoka’s Changemakers Strong Communities Competition

Early Entry Deadline: July 14, 2010.
Nomination Deadline, Entry Close: August 11, 2010.

Strong Communities Competition
Community Matters and Ashoka’s Changemakers are partnering to offer the Strong Communities: Engaging Citizens, Strengthening Place, Inspiring Change competition!

Citizens, practitioners and elected officials can enter innovative, replicable, sustainable projects and ideas to steer change and take charge of the future of their communities. We want to hear from an array of voices, and most importantly, we want to create a community of people who come together to celebrate, collaborate and share experiences.

We’re asking people to share their big, crazy, “knock-your-socks-off” ideas, and to inspire us with the transformational projects that are happening in towns and neighborhoods across the country. In particular, we’re looking for interdisciplinary approaches where different people, organizations and fields come together to learn from each other and collectively solve problems by creating a shared vision of a strong community.

We’ll highlight 20 semi-finalists in September, and then invite eight finalists to CommunityMatters’10 to showcase their work. Entries will be judged on innovation, social impact and sustainability. Online voting will begin a week before the conference and live voting will continue during the conference; we’ll announce three winners at the conference closing.

After June 16, you can find us at


Early Entry Prize: The best entry submitted by 5PM EDT, July 14, 2010 will be eligible to win USD $500.

ReTweet Prizes: From June 16, 2010 through August 11, 2010, there will be a drawing every Monday for a ReTweet prize. Any person with a Twitter account that re-tweets a specific message from @CommunityMttrs during the previous week will be automatically entered to win a prize valued at or below USD $20.

Grand Prizes: Three winners will be chosen via online public voting. Each winner will receive a USD $5,000 grand prize.

Launch: June 16, 2010

Early Entry Deadline: July 14, 2010

Nomination Deadline, Entry Close: August 11, 2010

Semi-finalists Announced: September 8, 2010

Finalists Announced/Voting Begins: September 22, 2010

Voting Ends: October 7, 2010

Winners Announced: October 8, 2010

About Changemakers
Ashoka’s Changemakers is an initiative of Ashoka, an organization with more than three decades of finding, funding and expanding the work of social entrepreneurs across the globe. It is a global online community of action that connects people to share ideas, inspire and mentor each other, and find and support the best ideas in social innovation. The Changemakers online community builds on this history and expands the Ashoka vision by creating an “Everyone a Changemaker” world through networking, relationship-building, and the sourcing of funding opportunities.

Through its collaborative competitions and open-source process, has created one of the world’s most robust spaces for launching, refining and scaling ideas for solving the world’s most pressing social problems.

The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society’s Senior International Fellows Program provides an opportunity for the professional development of third-sector practitioners from outside the United States who are decision-makers in their professions. The program is also designed to help build third-sector capacity in the fellows’ home countries.

The research topic for fellowships for the 2010 program will be community foundations. Proposals on other topics related to the philanthropic sector will be considered from candidates applying on a tuition- or institutionally sponsored basis.

Fellows are based at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, where they will participate in a one-month seminar (October 18 to November 12, 2010) focused on the U.S. and international voluntary sectors. Based on the seminars, readings, discussions with leaders in the field, and the fellows’ own experiences, each participant will produce a position paper with recommendations for the development, adaptation, or expansion of foundations or another approved topic. It is expected that these recommendations will draw from a variety of foundation experiences and will reflect the political, social, economic, and legal frameworks in the fellows’ home countries.

The program is open to senior-level practitioners (generally over the age of 35). Each fellowship covers the cost of tuition. As part of the award, the center also provides furnished accommodations in Manhattan, round-trip air travel to and from New York City, and a stipend to help cover research-related and additional living expenses.

Visit the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society Web site for program guidelines.

With a total community action fund of $100,000, Tom’s of Maine’s “50 States for Good” initiative is celebrating and rewarding nonprofits from across the country whose efforts are focused on lasting, positive change in the community.

Tom’s of Maine is hoping to inspire participation from nonprofits of all sizes and is excited to hear about the community projects that matter most to them. 501(c)(3) organizations from across the country are encouraged to apply for funding and invite their members/constituents to participate in the process. This year, applicant organizations are encouraged to be bold in sharing how they can best use new volunteers to benefit the community. In addition, the public is also welcome to invite their favorite nonprofit to join the program.

Finalists will be selected by a judging panel based on immediate achievability, positive impact in the community, and engagement and mobilization among members of the community. After finalists are selected, online voting by the public will determine which five organizations will receive $20,000 each.

For more info:

The Skoll Foundation is looking for new applicants for the Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. The foundation’s flagship program invests in leading social entrepreneurs around the globe who are advancing promising solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

The program seeks social entrepreneurs whose work has the potential for large-scale positive change in the areas of tolerance and human rights, health, environmental sustainability, peace and security, institutional responsibility, and economic and social equity. In addition to alignment with one or more of these issue areas, Skoll Award winners typically exhibit many of the following characteristics: are led by a visionary, effective social entrepreneur serving as a spokesperson for their issue; have strong leadership team and board; have a clear mission and implementation model; demonstrate an unwavering focus on their mission; boast strong, well-established partnerships; have a commitment to systems, including for measurement and learning; and have diversified and mission-aligned funding sources.

The Skoll Awards provide later-stage, or mezzanine, funding, which is generally structured as a $1 million award paid out over three years. In most cases, the grant is provided for core support to help organizations expand their programs and capacity to deliver long-term, sustainable equilibrium change. The awards are not intended for new or early-stage programs or initiatives. Programs submitted for consideration should have a track record of no less than three years. In addition to core support, the Skoll Foundation supports the participation of award recipients in the annual Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.

The program anticipates awarding seven to ten awards in 2011.

The next and final deadline for applications for the 2011 awards is August 4, 2010. Following this deadline, the foundation will be making adjustments aimed at streamlining and simplifying the application process.

For eligibility criteria, FAQs, and application instructions, visit the Skoll Foundation Web site.

Provocative and Original Stories

The Institute of Development Studies
(IDS) invites entries for their first awards for reporting on international development, soliciting compelling alternative narratives and critiques and encouraging discussion on development issues and processes. Journalists from around the world are requested to submit their best articles, news pieces, critiques, and editorials that focus on poverty alleviation, democracy and governance, rights, health, and other Millennium Development Goals.

There will be 3 awards: one of UKP 500, and two of UKP 250.

Deadline for submission of articles is July 9th 2010.

In order to participate either by submitting a story or commenting on stories submitted by others, please go to The Communication Initiative’s Development Networks Group “Awards: Media Reporting on Development” .


Journalists must register and join The Communication Initiative’s Development Networks Group “Awards: Media Reporting on Development” in order to participate in this awards process.

Submissions will be open for comments/critique by other members of the “Awards: Media Reporting on Development” Group.

Submissions will be judged and selected for prizes by a group of IDS research fellows, board members, and communication staff.


1. TYPE: The article submitted must have been published in some print or online media form (newspaper, journal, magazine, etc.) in the period from Jan 1 2009 through May 30 2010.
2. CONTENT: The article must have a focus on a recognisable development issue (e.g., poverty, health, rights) or a recognisable development process (e.g., participation, advocacy, policy development, system strengthening).
3. PERSPECTIVE: There should be a prominent focus within the piece on the voices of those most affected and/or those engaged in the development process or issue that is the focus of the piece. The piece will also be judged based on originality of perspective.
4. RELEVANCE: The piece must show the ability to locate the specific development issue or process being reported within overall national or global development dynamics.
5. REPORTAGE: There must be a high standard of journalism demonstrated within the piece.
6. QUALITY: The writing must be of a high standard.


Beginning June 9th 2010, journalists will be Invited to join the Communication Initiative’s Development Networks Group “Awards: Reporting on International Development” and to submit the stories that they wish to have assessed.

Between June 9th and July 9th 2010, journalists can Submit their work as Posts to the Group, with brief outlines in the posts themselves and their stories attached as PDFs or links to online versions of the full stories.

During this time, other members of the Group will be able to Comment on these stories – in order to both inform the judges’ deliberations and encourage a process of mutual support and guidance.

The Decisions on the award winners will be made by the IDS-convened judges group between July 10th and July 16th 2010.

The winners will be announced on or just after July 19th 2010.

The Top 10 outstanding stories will be featured within The Communication Initiative process after the awards are announced.

For more information, contact:
Deborah Heimann
The Communication Initiative