Global Gateway Foundation Seeks Preproposals for Competitive Grants Initiative

November 20, 2010

The Global Gateway Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve as a scientific, social, and philanthropic catalyst tfor the healing, wellness, and dignity and integration of global humanity.

The foundation’s primary area of interest is in new technologies emerging in the field of health and healing, especially current and emerging “subtle energy” technologies that support greater physical, mental, and spiritual integration; application of new discoveries in the “hard sciences” (physics, mathematics, electronics, engineering, network modeling, biophysics, and materials science) to healing modalities; the underlying dynamics of energy-based health and wellness disciplines such as Network Spinal Analysis Care, Somato Respiratory Integration, traditional chiropractic care, acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, and similar approaches; how these dynamics may lead to new understandings and/or directions for basic research in the hard sciences and the social sciences (e.g., organizational development, increased understanding of the integral and core nature of individuals, and reorganizational strategies that support greater personal and social integration and harmony); and methods for evaluating the impact and outcomes of these new understandings when applied to health and wellness, industrial applications, and society.

The foundation’s competitive grants initiative is designed to provide small amounts of funding to investigators undertaking research in the foundation’s areas of interest, with the understanding that applicants whose projects show promise will be encouraged to subsequently apply to third-party funding agencies with more extensive research budgets.

The initiative will provide seed funding, in the form of grants of $2,500 to $10,000 each, for five to ten scientific research projects. Grants will be for a period of one year with a possible one-year renewal.

Applications will be considered from individuals and organizations with the appropriate experience and credentials to carry out a project as proposed. While proposals from established research organizations will have priority, applications from individuals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Visit the Global Gateway Foundation Web site for complete program guidelines and application procedures:

7 Responses to “Global Gateway Foundation Seeks Preproposals for Competitive Grants Initiative”

  1. Peggy Bide Says:

    Dear Madam/Sir:

    I would like to submit a request for funding for a study entitled “A PARTIALLY BLINDED PROSPECTIVE PILOT STUDY IN SWAZILAND TO EVALUATE THE POTENTIAL EFFICACY OF HOMEOPATHIC MEDICATION TO MITIGATE COMMON TOXICITIES ASSOCIATED WITH STANDARD PHASE 1 ANTI RETROVIRAL REGIMENS.” I couldn’t get into your website to read the application guidelines since I need to update an adobe software. Is it possible to send me the application guidelines to my email address above. We already have a proposal we are able to share with you. I am helping the director of the project with the fundraising aspects. Thanks. Peggy Bide

    • Dear Miss Bide, Thank you for writing me. However, you need to contact the Global Gateway Foundation directly. I recommend you send this query letter via their online form, on their website, in the “Contact Us” section. Here is the address: You can either send in an online query, email them at, or mail them a letter, or all of the above! I hope this is helpful and a sincere good luck with your research! (Having lived and worked in KZN, South Africa, for 4 years, I am a huge fan of homeopathic treatment for HIV+ patients.)

      Kelly N Patterson

      • Peggy Bide Says:

        Dear Ms. Patterson,

        Based on your earlier reply to my first message to you , I sent all the relevant documentation to your foundation but received the following reply from them yesterday..
        Dear Ms. Bide and Ms. Braun:
        I regret to inform you that your proposal was not received by the February 7, 2011 deadline for the current Global Gateway Foundation funding initiative.
        We appreciate your interest in the Global Gateway Foundation and will keep you on our list for information concerning future initiatives.
        Betsy Lehrfeld

        In light of this response and based on your wide range of experience, I was wondering if you could suggest any other foundations that you know of with similar objectives to those of the Global Gateway Foundation who we may approach for funding. Thanks.

        Best regards,


  2. Dear Peggy, Before I could effectively assist you in identifying potential donors or partners for your study in Swaziland, I would have to know a lot more about this study–the who? who are you and who do you serve? what? what exactlt is the study? when? has it already begun? Beginning date and completion date? where? why? how? And most importantly, how much?

    However, in the meanwhile, I suggest you start looking into universities who are doing similar studies and see where they procured their funding.

  3. Peggy Bide Says:

    Thanks for your reply Kelly, As I mentioned I submitted all the attachments to your listed email address which fully answer all of your questions. We are looking for $100,000.. the budget was also attached to the email. Thanks.


  4. Dear Peggy, I am not affiliated with the Global Gateway Foundation; I am an independent consultant. This means I did not receive your documents. You are welcome to send them to me, personally at and then perhaps, I can better assist you.

    Thank you again for writing.

  5. click here Says:

    I Will have to come back again whenever my course load lets up – nevertheless I am getting your Feed so i could read your blog offline. Thanks.

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