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Short Film Commission Where is the Money for Women’s Rights and HIV? – We Are Watching

We are writing to you to let you know about a new resource that the World AIDS Campaign, the World YWCA and Women Wont Wait are developing.

“Where is the Money for HIV?” is a joint campaign building on ARASA’s work, which is planned to be undertaken in partnership by ARASA, APCASO, Art Global Health Center at UCLA, LACCASO, Mosaic (South Africa), World AIDS Campaign (WAC), World YWCA and Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV.

As part of this campaign, WAC, the World YWCA and Women Wont Wait are sending out a Call for anyone interested who has the necessary experience to produce a 2 – 3 minute video campaign focusing on “Where is the Money for Women’s Rights and HIV?”.

The video will seek to highlight three main issues:

1. The realities of women and girls around the globe, particularly in regards to HIV related human rights violations
2. The money that is needed to work towards overcoming these violations
3. How money is misspent by governments instead of investing in women’s rights, going for example towards military expenditure instead of financing for women.

Interested persons should send a brief treatment and shot list/paper edit to no later than September 1st 2010.
Late submissions will not be accepted. For more info:

Women Helping Others Foundation Invites Grant Applications

The WHO (Women Helping Others) Foundation supports community-focused charities that serve the overlooked needs of women, children, and families in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Funding will be considered for tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charities that have been incorporated for at least three years and have total organizational budgets of $3 million or less. Preference will be given to organizations with an operating budget of $3 million or less, those not dependent upon government grants, and those with greater organizational program costs than personnel costs. Organizations that have previously received a WHO Foundation grant should wait three years before applying again.

Grants are not provided to individuals, educational institutions, religious institutions, or governmental agencies, or for endowment campaigns, political causes, or capital campaigns. Funding will be considered for grant requests from $1,000 to $40,000 each.

Complete funding guidelines and eligibility restrictions are available at the WHO Foundation Web site:

EuropeAid Grants for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Projects

Grants available from a minimum amount of €200,000 to a maximum of €800,000 for each project. Deadline to apply for the grants is 8 February 2010.

The European Commission’s (EC) thematic programme, ‘Investing in People’ with its broad approach of reducing poverty has an important theme of promoting gender equality “which includes women’s empowerment. It provides for a specific allocation to support capacity building of non-State actors (NSAs) engaged in promoting women’s civil and political rights and economic and social empowerment, and in countering gender stereotypes in the Mediterranean countries covered by the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI).” In this context, it has announced a call for proposals “to contribute to awareness-raising, promotion and the implementation of the rights recognised notably in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the Istanbul Framework for Action.”

The programme aims to “support of the efforts of civil society in countering gender stereotypes, notably in order to combat the root causes of violence against women and foster the participation and the role of women in public life (media, political life, employment, etc.); support of the efforts of civil society in monitoring, promoting wide participation, raising public awareness and advocating the implementation of the Istanbul Framework of Action; support of the efforts of civil society in developing capacity, monitoring, raising awareness among the wider public, educating and advocating for the respect of international standards; support of the efforts of civil society in promoting gender equality and women’s rights in local development and supporting women’s participation in political life and local decision-making processes – e.g. enabling women to engage in dialogue with relevant local authorities and stakeholders on local development, conducting of poverty reduction and socio-economic development strategies that effectively empower women; or gender budgeting initiatives.”

Grants available from a minimum amount of €200,000 to a maximum of €800,000 for each project, but as usual the EC fund will cover only 80% while the rest has to be contributed by the proposing organization. The projects have to be implemented only in these countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syria, Tunisia, and Mauritania. Since this is a Restricted Call for Proposals, only concept notes have to be submitted initially. PADOR registration is necessary for all applicants. The deadline to apply for the grants is 8 February 2010. For more information, visit this link.

This is a restricted Call for Proposals. In the first instance, only Concept Notes must be submitted for evaluation. Thereafter, applicants whose Concept Notes have been pre-selected will be invited to submit a Full Application Form.

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“Get Up – Speak Up! Write Your Rights!”, loudly called WLHIV activists Celina Menezes and Preeti Ahuja, at the Women’s Press Club in New Delhi, India on the eve of International Women’s Day, launching a message to be heard around the world. Call to Action: PLHIV – Write Your Rights! To mark International Women’s Day 2009, Women Living with HIV are launching a global initiative on Rights and Responsibilities, and invite their sisters and brothers, comrades and peers from around the world to participate in the collective drafting of the PLHIV Charter for HIV Care. This Charter will be the synthesis of values, principles, and aspirations that are globally shared by People Living with HIV, include elements of related rights-based documents, and establish the international Standard for Care that should be attained in all countries. The PLHIV Charter aims to outline the fundamental elements for building an equitable and effective system of care, from the perspective of those in need. The Charter will also serve to foster partnerships, bringing PLHIV and health professionals together to better collaborate in the global fight against HIV/AIDS through implementation of these best practices in local communities, and to inspire a new sense of participation, inter-dependence and shared responsibilities for the well-being of the HIV Community. It is the dignified expression of common cause, and amplifies the voices of those who have a lifesaving interest in improving the standards of care. The Write Your Rights campaign is an open and participatory consultation process to develop the PLHIV Charter for HIV Care. A series of ‘Outreach for Input’ meetings will be held during 2009 in diverse cities, from Maputo to Mexico, New Delhi to Nairobi, to further encourage the participation of individuals and organizations on the ground. Every two months, the latest updated draft version of the PLHIV Charter will be made widely available for further input. A final edition will be launched on World AIDS Day in December 2009, with the anticipated endorsement of the WHO, UNAIDS, the Global Fund and other international institutions. The PLHIV Charter will then provide activists with a powerful tool for advocacy to drive its implementation in many countries around the world. Write Your Rights! Outline Your Responsibilities! Contribute to the PLHIV Charter, and spread the word. Send your input and ideas by e-mail to: The Write Your Rights campaign has been initiated by Delhi Mahila Samiti – DMS (Women’s Forum of Delhi Network of Positive People – DNP+) with support from the World Care Council. ———– ———– ———– ———– ———– ———– ———– ———– ———– ———– ———– ———– Llamado a la acción: Persona con VIH – Anota tus Derechos ¡Levantate-Alza la Voz! ¡Anota tus derechos!, un fuerte llamado de las activistas mujeres con VIH Celina Menezes y Preti Ahuja, en el Club de Prensa de las Mujeres en Nueva Delhi, India en la víspera del Día Internacional de la Mujer, lanzan un mensaje para ser escuchado alrededor del mundo. Un llamado para la Acción: Persona con VIH– ¡Anota tus Derechos! Para conmemorar el Día Internacional de la Mujer en 2009, las Mujeres con VIH inauguran una iniciativa mundial sobre Derechos y Responsabilidades, e invitan a sus hermanas y hermanos, compañeros y pares de todo el mundo a participar en un borrador colectivo de la Cartilla de las Personas con VIH para la Atención del VIH. Esta Cartilla sintetizará los valores, principios y aspiraciones que mundialmente compartidos por las personas con VIH, incluye elementos de documentos basados en los derechos, y establece los Estándares Internacionales para la Atención que deben ser alcanzados en todos los países. La Cartilla de las personas con VIH busca subrayar los elementos fundamentales para construir sistema de atención equitativo y efectivo, desde la perspectiva de aquellos en necesidad. La Cartilla también servirá para fomentar la colaboración, reuniendo personas con VIH y profesionales de la salud para colaborar mejor en la lucha en contra del VIH/SIDA mediante la implementación de estas mejores prácticas en comunidades locales e inspirar un nuevo sentido de participación, inter-dependencia y responsabilidades compartidas para el bienestar de la comunidad con VIH. Es la expresión dignificada de una causa en común, y amplifica las voces de aquellos que tienen interés en salvar vidas mejorando los estándares de la atención. La campaña Escribe Tus Derechos es un proceso de consulta participativo y abierto para desarrollar la Cartilla de la Persona con VIH para la Atención del VIH. Una serie de reuniones de “Alcance para obtener contribuciones” se efectuarán durante 2009 en diversas ciudades, desde Maputo a México y de Nueva Delhi a Nairobi, para adicionalmente alentar la participación de individuos y organizaciones en el terreno. Cada dos meses, la última versión actualizada del borrador de la Cartilla de la Persona con VIH estará ampliamente disponible para contribuciones adicionales. La edición final será lanzada en el Día Mundial del SIDA en diciembre de 2009, y será endosada por OMS, ONUSIDA, el Fondo Mundial y otras instituciones internacionales. La Cartilla de las Personas con VIH ofrecerá a los activistas un poderosa herramienta para la promover su implementación en muchos países del mundo. ¡Anota Tus Derechos! ¡Subraya Tus Responsabilidades! Contribuye con la Cartilla de la Persona con VIH y pasa la voz. Envíe sus contribuciones e ideas al correo: La campaña Anota tus Derechos fue iniciada por Delhi Mahila Samiti – DMS (Foro de la Red de Personas Positivas de Delhi) con el apoyo de World Care Council.

Deadline: March 17, 2009

The WHO Foundation: Women Helping Others
( ) supports grassroots charities
serving the overlooked needs of women and children in the United

WHO Foundation Education/Literacy grants provide funding to
501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the United States and
Puerto Rico to support free after school organizations and for
the implementation or expansion of education and/or literacy
programs for low-income children of all ages.

In order to qualify for funding, an organization must have
501(c)(3) status in their name (no affiliates accepted) and
must have been incorporated for a minimum of three years prior
to application. Preference will be given to organizations with
an operating budget of $3 million or less, those not dependent
on government grants, and those with greater organizational pro-
gram costs than personnel costs.

The maximum request amount per organization is $5,000. Suggested
funding requests include healthy snacks, books, educational field
trips, etc. The foundation does not provide funding for salaries.

Visit the WHO Foundation Web site for complete program informa-

RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Children and Youth, visit:

At least once a week, people write me asking how they can get into international development work, or extend their development work after a tour of duty with Peace Corps or VSO and such.  Here is an excellent opportunity for entry level development workers to get some more in-the-field international development experience:

Deshpande Foundation 2009 Sandbox Fellows Program

Deadline to apply: January 4th, 2009.

Deshpande Foundation is accepting applications for our Sandbox Fellowship program. This is a year-long program for dynamic professionals or post-graduate school candidates who have experience working in on- the-ground development and/or social entrepreneurship and are seeking an extended experience working on these issues. Fellows are matched according to the skills and project needs defined by each specific NGO in order to ensure a mutually beneficial experience for both parties. More information about the Fellowship program can be found here:
The Deshpande Foundation welcomes motivated individuals to apply to our 2009 Fellows Program. The Deshpande Foundation is the family foundation of Gururaj (“Desh”) and Jaishree Deshpande. Founded in 1996, it is a leading philanthropic foundation in Massachusetts and India in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and international development. We develop partnerships with innovative leaders with a new idea, product or service that can potentially benefit millions of people and change entire industries.

The Global Exchange Program was launched in January 2008 to put into practice The Deshpande Foundation’s vision for global exchange specific to development and innovation. The concept allows for exchange – in both directions- improving and addressing the solutions that solve the developing world’s most intractable challenges. The Global Exchange Program was designed to help fuel the change of innovation and improve the outcomes of development. The Fellows work to address challenges at NGOs working the in the fields of Agriculture, Livelihood, Education and Health. Ideal candidates have experience in these areas but also add value by bringing skills from the IT sector, business (marketing and management), finance (accounting) and other globally applicable skills. Current fellows are dynamic and interested in making a long term impact through innovation in the sector. In June 2008, The Deshpande Foundations welcomed the first team of 10 Fellows to the Sandbox, with Fellows from both the US and the UK.

The next Sandbox Fellowship class runs from June 2009-June 2010 and Innovator applications are accepted quarterly.  The deadline for all applications is January 4th, 2009. Please send your most resent resume and completed application to

Deadline for nominations is February 16, 2009.

The American Express Building Leadership Award recognizes a nonprofit that develops a culture of investing in the people of the independent sector. The honoree will have demonstrated its commitment to preparing tomorrow’s leaders of the nonprofit community by:

  • implementing strategies that hold principles of leadership development central to the way the organization functions
  • incorporating innovative strategies and systems that encourage staff, board, and volunteer leadership development in the organization and the community it serves;
  • embodying and promoting an inclusive and diverse community; and
  • measuring the impact the organization has on its community.


Nomination Process for the American Express Building Leadership Award

Nominations are accepted from anyone affiliated with the organization, including staff and board members, volunteers, or other supporters. Organizations located outside the United States can also be nominated provided they meet 501(c)(3) equivalency standards.

To be considered for the award, an organization must be nominated using the online nomination form. Nominators are encouraged to keep the nomination letters to no more than two pages in length. Please include information about how the organization meets the criteria of the award.

The deadline for nominations is February 16, 2009.

Once the nomination has been received, IS will contact the nominated organization to request additional information about programs and leadership activities. Both this application process and the nomination letter will be used to evaluate nominated organizations for the award.

A final decision will be made in late summer. The award will be presented at the IS Annual Conference in Detroit, Michigan, November 4-6, 2009. Independent Sector presents the award at the Annual Conference each year.