UNDP has just launched a new Human Development Index tool on Google! Not only is this a tangible way to visualize global human development statistics on gender, income, education, human security and more, but the data could be used for organizational objectives (logical frameworks), grant applications, development proposals, and evaluation and monitoring tools, and more.  Definitely, a valuable tool for all working so hard in international development.  Here is the link: http://hdr.undp.org/en/

StartSomeGood is a team comprised of four UCLA Bruins and an Aussie. The Bruins met while camping out for UCLA basketball games, and the co-founders met while working at Ashoka. All are connected by their passion for social entrepreneurship, and their dream of empowering people, anywhere and everywhere, to “do good” in the world.  Thus, they created www.StartSomeGood.com which connects social entrepreneurs with the financial and intellectual capital they need to transform an idea for improving the world into a reality, turning ideas into action and impact.

There are no shortages of problems in the world, and no shortage of people with ideas to address them, yet often people with brilliant ideas lack the resources that they need to get started.  Therefore, StartSomeGood provides social entrepreneurs with a platform to raise start-up funds and build a community of supporters — all in a fun, engaging and community-driven way.

Their site taps into the power of the crowd (aka, the “crowdfunding” model), allowing social entrepreneurs to ask for small amounts of money from supporters from around the world, in addition to providing social entrepreneurs with the tools to update their supporters, provide unique rewards in exchange for support, and run multiple campaigns over time.  Since there are several other valuable crowdfunding sites, they even encourage you to compare with other crowdfunding sites and see if StartSomeGood is the best option for you and your business:  http://startsomegood.com/Help/Difference

www.StartSomeGood.com was created specifically to make it easier for people to conceive, share and raise funds for innovative approaches to community problems and opportunities.  I recommend you visit their site today and check out some of the current campaigns: from SpeechForGood (a mobile app that connects people with their speech therapy while giving 20% back to clinics in the developing world) to urban agriculture projects in LA to community fitness programs which are addressing child obesity.

You can contact them directly at hello@startsomegood.com.


This is an e-mail from ‘networklearning’


We have a few materials here at networklearning that would be more useful in the field than they are on our desks. There is only one copy of each thing, so “first come, first served”!

A. The OXFAM Gender Training manual (this is a big fat book)

B. Stepping Stones training package on HIV/AIDS (manual plus CD)

C. A set of flannelgraphs. The accompanying leaflets are in French but Health Educators can use the flannelgraphs to illustrate talks in any language. Subjects: Le cycle feminin/Woman & her Cycle – La Femme Enceinte/ Woman & Pregnancy – la developpement du foetus/ the Development of the foetus – Le petit enfant/ the small Child – The three food groups/ les trois groupes alimentaire – Bilharzia/ schistosomiasis – Topics from ‘Donner la vie‘ (‘the Giving of Life’) intestinal worms, diarrhoea, food hygiene etc.

If you think your NGO could make good use of one of these, please email me to say briefly why it would be useful (and please indicate which item A, B or C). If you have a good story, I will pay for the package to be posted out to you free of charge!
Please contact: moynihan@networklearning.org

Yours sincerely,
Maeve Moynihan
Chairperson/Initiator Stichting Networklearning