Revolutionizing the Professional Conference Experience, The Women In Green Forum Grants Lifetime Membership To All 2010 Registrants

The Women In Green Forum, an annual sustainability conference, will include lifetime access to future Women In Green annual conferences in this year’s one-time registration fee.

In an unprecedented move, the Women In Green Forum just announced that it will grant lifetime membership to every registered attendee at the inaugural 2010 Forum, which is scheduled for September 1st and 2nd at the Pasadena Convention Center. This groundbreaking strategy will allow anyone who purchases a registration pass this year to be exempt from registration fees in future years, thereby granting 2010 Women In Green goers lifetime access to the yearly Forum for a modest, one-time fee.

Offering the added value of lifetime membership for 2010 registrants is likely to substantially boost the Forum’s attendance, serving as an innovative response to this year’s difficult economic climate. It will also create a loyal support base for future Women In Green Forums by granting conference-goers an enhanced event experience. The Forum organizers want all registrants to enjoy being members of a community versus participants in a one-time event. Unlike traditional conferences, the Women In Green Forum will continue to support the professional development interests of its members long after the Convention Center shuts down the evening of September 2nd.

“By promoting lifetime access to the Women In Green Forum, we are hoping to re-engineer the attendee experience,” says Jaime Nack, President of the event production company Three Squares Inc. (TSI) and Executive Director of the Women In Green Forum. “The purpose of the Forum is to connect professionals within the sustainability field in a meaningful way. Our lifetime membership offer will allow attendees to build upon their conference experience every year and cultivate long-term relationships, leading to career growth among individuals and the formation of a powerful Women In Green community. With so little time to solve the many critical environmental issues confronting us, we see an opportunity for the Women In Green Forum to become a driving force in shaping collaborative solutions to the environmental challenges ahead.“

The Women In Green Forum’s unique lifetime model is making a splash within the event production industry. Given the current economic climate, Three Squares Inc.—the Forum’s event production company—is diverging from the “business as usual” mode in conference production, which typically relies on sponsorships, registration rates, and short-term experiences lasting from one to three days. This unique approach provides more added value for the attendees, sponsors and speakers and will allow 2010 participants to stay connected with the Forum for years to come.

“Lifetime membership is a visionary move,” says Sarah Backhouse, Anchor of Planet 100 for Discovery’s Planet and master of ceremonies for the 2010 Women in Green Forum. “It’s an amazing opportunity for the Forum’s attendees to foster a sense of community, grow their networks and enhance job prospects. I envisage these exclusive memberships becoming highly coveted in the future.”

Serving one of the chief goals of the Forum—to create a community of professionals who share a passion for sustainability—lifetime memberships will be assigned to individual attendees rather than their affiliated companies. Lifetime memberships will also include priority invitations to other Women In Green Forum events throughout the year and future access to an online “members only” portal. By creating more opportunities to connect with others in the field, the lifetime membership strategy is anticipated to create a collaborative platform from which women can develop powerful professional networks and build upon each other’s successes. For more details and the terms of the membership offer, please visit the Forum web site at


Call for Proposals: 2010 All Africa Dance Festival on Peace

Africa Dance Festival
July 15, 2010
Region / Country

Summary of RFP:

The 2010 All Africa Dance Festival on Peace is a global celebration of dance for peace.

The Festival Programme of the All Africa Dance Festival will be compiled from proposals that are reviewed by a Festival Committee by the deadline. The participation selection has no set criteria and is open to all artists, and all styles, choreographers, dance troupes and peace educators who register to present their artistic work.

Proposals for consideration for the Main Festival Programme need to be submitted in writing to reach the Festival Director no later than 15th July 2010.

Detailed proposals for the Main Programme should include:

* Background of the institution, organization or individual submitting the proposal
* A narrative description of the production / exhibition / performance
* Brief narrative biographies of the principal artists in / proposed for the production / exhibition
* An artistic statement motivating why the work should be presented at the 2010 Festival.

Entrance to the festival for festival and conference delegates is Free! Please check detailed updates on . It should be noted that the Festival’s budget does not, unfortunately, stretch to cover international flights and freight, and artists from outside of Kenya are requested to raise funding for these costs themselves. Artists are also advised to enquire from their government departments if their country’s Embassy in Kenya or arts foundations in their home countries can fund their participation as a cultural exchange program in the All Africa Dance Festival on Peace.
Submission Instructions

Karegwa Muchiri at: or on +254-20-4452674/ 4450937

Unveiling the TED Fellows program Greetings TEDsters –
It’s my pleasure to share with you the first “Great Unveiling” of TED2009: our new TED Fellows program. At TEDGlobal 2007 in Arusha, Tanzania we were struck by the remarkable conversations and collaborations inspired by the 100 fellows who attended. We saw the founding of several companies, including Black Star Line SA by speaker Herman Chenery- Hesse and TEDGlobal fellow June Arunga; the emergence of new NGOs such as, founded by Fellows Erik Hersman, Juliana Rotich and Ory Okolloh; and U.S. TEDsters setting up offices and hiring a TED Fellow in Tanzania.

Scientists met with artists and designers, tech bloggers spoke with environmental activists, and filmmakers bonded with economists. Those exceptional people continue to write Africa’s “Next Chapter.” Since then we’ve been seeking a way to bring the TED Fellows’ passion, energy and the ideas worth spreading to every TED conference, with the hope that their world-changing ideas and proven potential will meld with the talent and experience of the TED community. Introducing TED Fellows, our new international program that will bring 50 eclectic, up-and-coming world-changers to our Long Beach and Oxford conferences each year.

Twenty of those fifty will be invited back, starting the next year, as TED Senior Fellows, joining the community for a three-year term including six conferences. All TED Fellows will receive special benefits including pre-conference programs, training from world-class communications professionals, the opportunity to give short TEDTalks at TED University, the opportunity to spread their ideas on, a private social network and more. Of course, TED will cover their conference fees, travel and lodging.

We’re targeting individuals aged 21-40 from all of TED’s many disciplines, including of course, technology, entertainment and design but also science, humanities and the arts, entrepreneurs, NGOs and political and community leaders. We’re focusing on candidates from five regions of the world: Africa, Asia/Pacific, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East.

However, anyone 18 and over is welcome to apply. The first application cycle begins February 23rd, 2009. Meet our first 40 fellows here. The complete list is also at the bottom of this email. If you’d like to read more about them, you can download a PDF of the TED Fellows Program Guide. These men and women were selected for their achievement but especially for their promise. Each of them shows real potential to create positive change in their field — whether it’s technology, entertainment, design, music, art, science, business or the NGO community — in their country, and even around the world. I would like to thank the Bezos family, the Harnisch Foundation and Nokia for their visionary inaugural support of the program, with in-kind participation from TED friends Kodak, Livescribe,, and SubscriberMail. There are many opportunities for TEDsters to get involved and contribute. If you’re interested in participating, have questions or comments or would just like to learn more about the program, please email Find more information at Warmly,
 Tom Rielly
 TED Community Director


Kyung Hee University and United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs


January 31, 2009

Region / Country


Summary of RFP








The World Civic Forum (WCF), jointly initiated by Kyung Hee University and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), will hold its inaugural forum on May 5-8, 2009 at the COEX in Seoul, Korea under the main theme of “Building Our Humanitarian Planet.” The WCF 2009 emerges from the leading collaboration between the UN and institutions of higher learning, and aims to develop into an ongoing global institution with the partnership of like-minded actors such as NGOs, international organizations, governments, private enterprise, and the media. As a venue for global reflection and dialogue to enhance future civilizations, it will address the internationally agreed development goals including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) from various perspectives of education, research, and practice. The WCF 2009, to be followed by succeeding ones bi-annually thereafter, will highlight the following themes.


Main Theme: Building Our Humanitarian Planet


Our Earth is calling for a humanitarian regeneration. Despite scientific and technological progress, today we are faced with global problems–in particular, national conflicts and insecurity, environmental destructions and climate change, global injustice and underdevelopment, and alienation between civilizations–due to the loss of values of humanity in the course of modern civilization. Redeeming humanitarian values fully to our lives, however, is a daunting task. It requires integrative collaboration across sectors, disciplines, and nations. As much as damage to humanity has generated complicated ills in every corner of our Planet, we need a holistic initiative transcending conventional boundaries and scopes and reflecting planetary consciousness in order to cure the ills. This integrative, collaborative, and trans-boundary initiative would complement the existing efforts that have been made within a more bounded range of interests and concerns.

Key Themes: Civic Values, Civic Engagement, Civic Action


  • Civic Values for Global Justice
  • Civic Engagement in Public and Global Governance
  • Civic Action for the Global Agenda Including Climate Change


The themes suggest a necessity for reflection and dialogue to address the global challenges facing humanity and future civilizations. Civic Values have to do with people’s perception, understanding, belief, and judgment that typically promote but sometimes hamper a maturation of humanity and civilization. Civic Engagement refers to network, organization, alliance, and partnership in diverse levels and fashions that may contribute to public and global governance. Civic Action involves movement, campaign, and decision-making by a wide range of actors as a reflection of their endeavor to solve global problems including climate change.


Along with keynote speeches by globally renowned figures, the WCF welcomes applications for papers and panels. In an effort to substantiate the main and key themes, the WCF will pay particular attention to papers and panels on the following issues:


  • Climate Change (Global Warming)
  • Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development
  • Energy Shortage
  • Economic Prosperity and Equality
  • Poverty and Foreign Aid (ODA)
  • Higher Education for Humane Purposes and Social Responsibility
  • Global Justice and Social Harmony
  • Political Development and Political Stability
  • Human Rights Issues and Human Security
  • Cultural Diversity and Tolerance
  • Global Peace and Global Governance
  • Dialogue Among Civilizations
  • Humane Use of Technology
  • Crisis Management such as Post-conflict and Disaster


The WCF invites and welcomes submissions for papers and panels on other related themes or topics so long as they emulate the main and key themes. The WCF will have preference for proposals that are interdisciplinary or have practical implications.

Submission Instructions


This Call for Papers and Panels is open to all members of the global community–scholars, international organization leaders, NGO leaders, government officials, corporation representatives, journalists, etc. Individuals, institutions, or groups may propose papers or panels by completing the Paper and Proposal Submission Form. Click here to view the WCF 2009 official website, and for on-line submission.


A panel consists of three to four paper presentations, a chairperson, and discussant(s), or it can take the form of a roundtable. Individually submitted papers, upon acceptance, will be assigned to appropriate panels or poster sessions. The WCF reserves the right to refuse proposals or alter panel proposals. All submissions should be in English. Accepted presenters must register as conference delegates. All presentations and papers will be published on the conference website. Presentations and papers may also be published (with agreement of authors) in the conference proceedings. Registration fee and incentives for speakers will be announced shortly.


The deadline for proposal submissions is January 31, 2009. The WCF will confirm acceptance of submissions, at the latest time, by February 28, 2009. Acceptance process will proceed on the first-come-first-serve basis. Proposals received after the deadline may be considered but are unlikely to be included in the program.


Contact Information for Inquiries


WCF 2009 Secretariat, Kyung Hee University

1 Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 130-701, Korea


Official Site:


This online webcast might be useful for those of you doing marketing for nonprofits and small businesses.  It will also help you understand all the work involved in marketing and why it is key to any PR, communications, or fundraising campaigns.

February 3 2009
Online Webcast, United States

Contact name: Kevin Kientz

Learn how to develop and present an effective argument for the value of your institution’s marketing and branding initiatives.



Organized by: Academic Impressions
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: Not available.

Check the event website for latest details.

Join Craigslist Foundation, The Foundation Center, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, and Northern California Grantmakers for the third “Power of Partnership” quarterly program series. This free series showcases successful models of collaboration, with an emphasis on lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, and opportunities to network with other professionals. Refreshments will be provided. The current economic crisis has brought nonprofit mergers and other forms of partnership into the spotlight, and many in the nonprofit sector are looking at these forms of strategic restructuring as an economic solution. However nonprofit partnerships are not just a last ditch survival tactic during an economic downturn. Partnerships provide a strategic opportunity for compatible organizations to join forces for greater social impact. For our third event we welcome David La Piana, author of the Nonprofit Mergers Workbook, The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution, and founder of La Piana Associates, a management-consulting firm specializing in nonprofit strategic restructuring. From informal partnerships and knowledge/resource sharing to formal mergers, David will address what to expect from a partnership and when it is a good strategic choice. David will discuss the practical tools and processes that lead to successful partnerships, as well as the role of funders in fostering and supporting partnerships. Program 5:30 – 6:00PM: Registration & Refreshments 6:00-6:45PM: Presentation by David La Piana: The Spectrum of Partnerships 6:45-7:30PM: Interactive Q&A Session 7:30-8:30PM: Networking Location: World Affairs Council, 312 Sutter Street, Suite 200 Date/Time: Tuesday, February 10, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (PST) Attendance: Venue capacity is 150, so RSVP now! Cost: FREE

visit  to RSVP!!!

Global Symposium on Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality

Start Date

March 30 2009


End Date

April 03 2009



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Event Summary



The Global Symposium on Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality will take place in Rio de Janeiro, March 30 – April 3, 2009. Four hundred fifty participants from around the world will share their work in applied research, policy, and program development. Their work challenges rigid gender norms and engages men and boys in reducing violence against women and girls,  promoting sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and fatherhood and caregiving.


The four day Symposium will promote exchange, debate, and planning for action. The event will include:

Plenary and breakout sessions on men and violence; men and health; and men, caregiving, and fatherhood;


  • Skills building workshops, abstract presentations, and a Global Village showcasing the work of NGOs, United Nations agencies, governments, foundations and universities; and


  • An analysis of current advances in policy that engages men and boys in gender equality. The Symposium will include presentations by policymakers from countries including Brazil, Canada, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden.


  • The Symposium will also develop a “Call to Action” for governments to implement policy that engages men and boys in gender equality. The final results of the Call to Action as well as key conclusions from the Symposium will be available after the event on the MenEngage website.


The Global Symposium is hosted by an alliance of non-governmental organizations including Promundo (Brazil), Instituto Papai (Brazil), White Ribbon Campaign Canada, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the MenEngage Alliance, and Save the Children Sweden. The Symposium is organized by a steering committee of 22 organizations from different countries.